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Planning for Success.
The essential starting point for any successful business venture. If you need financing or investors, a complete business plan is a requirement. We have the expertise to get you the right plan for success. From a basic solopreneur plan to one with complete market, audience research & financial projections, we have a plan to meet your budget & needs. Starting at just $995, our plans get results.


When You're A Business Of One.
Starting a business and you're the only employee right now? We have a starter kit that's for you. Covering all the basics, including what you need to get started including financing or dealing with investors, grants and tax credits that may be available to support your start-up. A checklist based process to ensure you can focus on successfully establishing your business rather than being distracted with administrative issues after the fact. Contact us for a consultation to see how this kit can help your business be positioned for success.


The Must Have Component For Success.
An absolutely critical aspect in creating a successful, profitable business. In fact, a lack of Marketing is the leading cause of business failure, aside from funding issues. Statistics clearly indicate that the vast majority of businesses fail. By incorporating Marketing right from the start you not only save time and money, you also remove a lot of risk to your new business. Our Marketing services help you with:


The Right Message, To The Right Audience, Right From The Start.

As a new business you need to stand out and you need to get traction fast. We can help you with creating content including blogs & newsletters. Having the right content prepared and ready for launch ensures your message is on target right away. We'll provide content to reach your audience and win them over.

Create, Curate & Share. Your best marketing tool is what you can share. We will create a robust content plan to help you thoughtfully engage with your audience at every point of the funnel. We'll help you build a loyal following around timely insights for your market. The best part about curated content? It lives online forever and helps build your online reputation. We place links ad re-post your content to leverage your audience to drive new traffic to your site. BizMetrics' team of content writers will help you put your best foot forward to grow your business both on and off line. Available a la carte or as part of one of our comprehensive starter programs.


How To Get The Money You Need To Start Your Business.

Getting your company off the ground with the financing it needs is one of the biggest challenges for small businesses. While early-stage capital can be critical to success, it is often viewed as a risky investment by the banks. It is most difficult during the first 12 months.

We offer a range of resources and partners to help you find the funding you need to start and grow your business. Are you investment-ready? Find out by completing 0ur complementary Start-up Questionaire, you ask for yours here now. Did you know that there are government grants, tax credits and other support available for certain kinds of investments in business. We can help review the options available for your business, just drop us a line to get started.


Getting The Customers You Want.
It is crucial that SMB's equip themselves with the necessary technology and processes to remain relevant in the present and competitive for the future. We call this "Aiming" for Business as it helps start ups create sustainability in their operations right from the start. Continue the conversation with one of our team members, contact us today.

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